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The Anne Thomas Project is focused on building an economic community of that understands the value of solving indigenous issues with indigenous solutions.

We are focused on building a community of corporate social responsibility(CSR) professionals and investors with development sector portfolio interests, African & Africa-focused small businesses, entrepreneurs & brands with a social consciousness, regulatory bodies and conscious consumers.

We understand that to determine social impact projects to support, many philanthropists and CSR managers rely on personal/professional recommendations or online searches.

We are building a reputation of being a trusted recommendation resource.

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We provide access to the market for social impact projects by featuring products, services, brands & organizations in our newsletter.

E.g.: our March 2020 issue featured Oloricoitus, an online health & wellness brand. Owned and operated by Sexual Health educator, Yeside Olayinka-Agboola, the business provides sexual health education that is focused on empowerment and body positivity and understands the necessity to highlight and value femininity in all of us.


Collaborating on projects to bring awareness and/or raise funds for impact causes.

E.g.: St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation is on a mission to build self-sustaining cancer centers in Nigeria. Our #SupportSCIPS2020 campaign as a commitment to support the St. Cyril Initiative for Patients’ Support and subsidize treatment cycles for as many cancer patients in Nigeria as possible.